What do ‘nerdy’ guys like in girls?

5 Ways To Get A Girlfriend As A Nerd

However, a lot of them are incredibly cute and endearing but very shy and give off mixed signals. With other guys, it’s fairly straight forward but I know quite a few self-professed ‘dorks’ that I would go out to dinner with if only they’d ask. For this, https://www.wave-accounting.net/ and many other reasons, engineers tend to devote most of their time building things than relationships. They are also pretty calculated on the whole which can lead to dating engineers lacking a lot of spontaneity – everything needs to be planned.

And this bodes well for you, as you’ll never be required to waittoo longfor her to get ready before dates and such. Geeky girls are a breath of fresh air – much like the inhaler they might keep inside of their canvas satchels . There are many places you 5 Ways To Get A Girlfriend As A Nerd can go to find potential dates, but what really worked for me was finding dates on dating apps. To keep her attracted to you, you need to continue displaying the traits listed above. If you maintain your confidence, you’ll maintain her attraction.

They give each other space to nerd-out about their separate interests.

Look up at the sky—you see all the stars? That’s how many times I’ve thought of you today. I’ve seen some pretty cool nerdy spots in that location. For something different pick up a new game that neither of you have played before. Here’s the thing about nerds, they are anything but boring.

What do girls like in nerds?

Contrary to what the media may say, girls like nerdy guys. Intelligence and humor are traits that all girls appreciate, so show her your smarts, passion, and funny side. Be sweet, listen to what she says, and learn about things she likes.

Now, nerds come in all shapes and sizes. Not all nerds are universally into the same things. I mean, there’s a lot of nerdy things in which nerds can be interested. There’s Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Doctor Who. While you may think all nerds everywhere are into Star Wars, that’s not true. One nerdy girl may be an all out Trekkie, another may be obsessed with playing Dungeons and Dragons, and yet another may be a die-hard Buffy the Vampire Slayer fan.

Great Tips and Warnings for Dating Engineers

It’s hard to just approach someone and ask them out or talk to them, but it could be worth it. Like, how do you meet a girl who prefers to stay in and read a fantasy novel instead of doing body shots of tequila in a bar? In today’s world, women don’t have to rely on men for protection. However, their biology hasn’t caught up with the realities of modern life. Women are still physically and emotionally attracted to the same types of men that they would’ve been thousands of years ago. The easiest way to get to know her is to simply say “hello.” Wave to her from across the hall, and politely introduce yourself.

  • Munn got her big break on G4 Network, a television network devoted to video games and video game lifestyle.
  • There are three different heat levels, so you can adjust how hot you want your drink to be.
  • They don’t understand what it is about me that nerdy girls find so attractive.
  • There’s “thirsty” which generally refers to someone who is desperate for attention or sex or both.
  • Dr. Elizabeth Plimpton wasn’t Leonard’s girlfriend, but the two did sleep together multiple times.

It may be easier to meet one online, presumably because you have a chance at selecting physical attributes. You may choose your perfect nerdy girlfriend based on height, skin tone, eye color, and the rest. These characteristics will be overwhelming to find on ladies you meet physically, but you could dismiss one or find the right one almost instantly online. Once you’ve brought your inner confidence outward, go hang out where the nerdy girls are.