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About Us

Al Tahaluf Food Stuff and Trading WLL is the fastest growing Wholesale Trader and Distributor of local premium products. Our focus is to source quality and patronize goods at low and competitive prices to satisfy the ever increasing demand in Qatar. We carry a wide range of both foods dry, chilled and frozen premium products.

Al Tahaluf Food Stuff and Trading WLL is a leading local promoter, Importer, wholesaler, and Distribution company in QATAR.

We ARE DIVEN BY CONTINUOUS EXCELLENCE in everything we do and establish a life long partnerships, our entire business model is driven by a passion to fulfill our mission of delivering value added to our clients.

Our Distribution Network is tested with highest professionalism and expertise to add value.

Our Team Player are learner, non-stop researcher and invest our resources in all aspects that will continuously brings value and spot on customer satisfaction.

Our Organizational acumen strategy is patriotism promotion of local economic industry and enterprise, This stems from our commitment to the continued growth and prosperity of our great nation; we believe that the preference of locally produced products over imported counterparts naturally leads to a more economic driven to success


To be the leading Qatari value-driven, food safe premium food stuff products trading and distributors company in the whole region.


To be the leading Qatari value-driven, food safe premium food stuff products trading and distributors company in the whole region.


Our success owes to a hard-working team who continue to embrace technology and implement sound business strategies and processes.

When we start

About Us

The beginning of our production in 2016 as the first Qatari national product to be produced in the factories of the Qatar meat and poultry production company in Qatar with high quality

As our product has full international specifications in this field and very high technology and technology using the latest machines in the world where all the Qatari expertise and experiences were put in it
We have been keen from the beginning that the national product be of the highest quality and according to international specifications.

And we started production with 65 varieties until we reached at present 408 varieties while it is 70%
Of our production is poultry products of all kinds , and 30% of our production is multi-product meat Gourmet started in 2019 the production of fresh meat as a precedent for our business 

While our product meets the daily needs within the state of Qatar at a rate of 40% of local production
And from it we seek to achieve self-sufficiency of our products in the state of Qatar in our endeavor to
achieve the Qatar national vision 2030 in our field and our belief in our role in providing a national product that
we are all proud of.

As gourmet aims as the first national product in this field to reach its diversified production to export to
neighboring countries and meet the consumers need to add diversity to other markets.