Power Horse


Presented in a cool silver can, with a unique taste hit, energizing ingredients and vitamins, it has got everything you need to keep you focused and be on top of your game. With 11g of sugar per 100m1, the Original is 100% vegan, halal and alcohol free.





Power Horse brand is produced and packed in Austria by Power Horse Energy Drinks GmbH and distributed exclusively by Al Tahaluf Food Stuff & Trading W.L.L.. in the Qatar market.

At its core POWER HORSE® is not about being the absolute best in the world, unlike others, it’s about becoming the best of oneself and keep improving. POWER HORSE® is all about one’s inner confidence, not about visible glory. It stems from the universal insight that not everyone can be the world champion, but everyone can endeavor to become a champion in their own world.

‍POWER HORSE® sits within a sweet spot of people wanting to be at their best (both physically and emotionally), while facing everyday challenges. The brand genuinely supports them at every step of their journey and recognizes the consumer as the hero. POWER HORSE® is pragmatic, irreverent, and closer to realism, not focusing on extreme sports like others, but on elements and platforms relevant to ordinary people… for instance, lifestyle, music, and football.

Power Horse

Power Horse4 (pack)